Pet Spotlight

Deuce Salazar is a 5 year old, fun loving and very affectionate American Pit Bull Terrier.  Originally, Deuce came in to see Dr. Heald with a history of a fever, urinary issues, and elevated liver and kidney values.  To say the least, he was not feeling well.  Dr. Heald scheduled an intensive work up and hospitalization to figure out what was plaguing Deuce.   After diagnostics were compiled, it was determined that Deuce suffered from septicemia & septic shock caused by Acute Prostatitis.

Prostatits is an infection of the prostate in a male dog, and septicemia & septic shock is a term used to describe the body’s overwhelming immune response to an infection.  Deuce had a long road to recovery ahead of him.  After several days of hospitalization, Deuce’s condition had improved dramatically.  He was sent home to continue his treatment of oral medications under close supervision by his  “dad”.  During the following weeks, Deuce returned for regular bloodwork and physical exams, and continued to show additional improvement.

During Deuce’s recovery from Postatitis, he developed a persistent regurgitation of food.  Upon further evaluation using an Esophagram (an X-ray study using barium to outline the esophagus and study its function), it was determined that Deuce was now suffering from an Esophageal stricture which was not allowing his food to pass to his stomach for digestion.  Deuce’s dad had yet another difficult decision to make for him.  Dr. Heald and Mr. Salazar decided that they should proceed with balloon dilation of the esophageal stricture, to help stretch the problem area and allow food to pass for proper digestion.  This is a procedure that is scheduled and preformed over several weeks to stretch the esophagus back to a normal diameter.

We are happy to report that after several balloon dilations, Deuce is now living a happy life of eating and enjoying his food on a regular basis.  We would also like to tell you that Deuce has an abnormal habit of screaming at us each time he visits.  It is not a scream of anxiety, but rather a vocalization of excitement.  We ALWAYS know when Deuce is in the building!  Way to go Deuce.  You have been a fighter and overcome some very difficult challenges; all the doctors and staff at GCVS are proud of you!

About “Pet Spotlight”

We honor one patient to be included in our “Pet Spotlight”.  We feature the pet and client in our newsletter and include why your pet is so special to everyone here at GCVS. When you are chosen, GCVS gives you a Complimentary Photo Session with Talented Photographer Danny Clark.

You’ll receive one free 8×10 portrait of your choosing from this session.  We will also get a large print to showcase in our lobby during the month the patient is featured.  Once the month is over, we will transfer it to one of our exam rooms for your companion to become a permanent tribute to our walls around GCVS.  Lastly, You and Your Companion will be featured in our monthly client digitized newsletter.

Danny Clark Photography: www.dannyclarkphotography.com